Friday, 30 November 2012

Hero Stances

These are practice sketches for my turn around of the Hero, one of these will be taken on to be drawn and painted for a portfolio piece.

I am now also working on a fire demon for of the hero as in the book, depending on how you play it, you can transform into a demon at the final battle with Balthus Dire due a enchanted amulet

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hero Profile

Hero Profile Shot - This is the final character design for the Hero, I will be adding more elements to this in the following week but as for now its a strong base I feel.

Also the items listed in the book have also been added, more items are found throughout the book but unless they are involved in a scene then I wont need to draw them.

Hero Concepts 2

Hero development sketches - Here I added abit more character to them through certain aspects but still i wasnt happy with the results

The best one is the bottom left and the hooded cloak fits the the style of the book also allows alit more freedom as I tend to struggle with faces of characters,

The next step is to begin a final turn around for the character..

Hero concepts 1

Page Front Sketch book - The first step development sketches for the Hero that will be in all of the scenes later on,

I didn't have much to go off for ideas other than that they are physically fit and young these first sketches didn't stand out enough so the next step is to draw more but with a little more clothing involved to start building a character