Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Ghost Women Concepts

Final creature concepts for Ghost women, again combined features too make the ones on the left.

Balthus Dire

Balthus Dire final character design sheet

Balthus Dire Concepts

Next it was time to design the enemy of the book Balthus Dire, Here are some concepts and again, combined features to make the final face at the bottom.

NEW Hero Concept

After the two previous sheets I felt my skills had improved since the first Hero sheet so i decided to try it again with a better pose and more in the format of the previous two

Stone Gargoyle

Finished Gargoyle concept

Goblin Giant

Final Design for Goblin Giant that will be in the Scenes against the Hero!

Goblin/Gargoyle Concepts

After designing the hero I moved onto some of the creatures for the scenes, here is a character sheet of 24 concepts and 4 concepts that have been pieced together from the 24 and redrawn